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The Assisted Living Specialist
assisted living specialists

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The Assisted Living Process


Personalized Connection

We start by connecting with families to understand their unique needs and concerns. We listen attentively, providing a compassionate and supportive environment throughout the process.


Thorough Intake

Our dedicated intake coordinator conducts a comprehensive intake process, gathering essential information about the family's requirements, preferences, and any specific considerations. This ensures we have a solid understanding of their situation.


Comprehensive Assessment

Based on the intake information, our experienced team performs a thorough assessment. We delve deeper into the individual's medical, emotional, and social needs to create a holistic profile, enabling us to identify the most suitable options.


Carefully Curated Selection

Armed with the assessment results, we meticulously handpick three ideal communities or care homes that align with the family's specific requirements. We consider factors such as location, level of care, amenities, and specialized services.


Transparent Presentation

We present the selected communities or care homes to the family, providing them with detailed information and transparent insights. Our goal is to ensure they have a clear understanding of each option, empowering them to make an informed decision.


Guided Tours and Evaluations

Upon the family's request, we facilitate guided tours of the chosen communities or care homes. We accompany them, answering questions, and helping them evaluate the environment, staff, amenities, and overall atmosphere.


Supportive Decision-Making

We offer ongoing support and guidance as the family navigates the decision-making process. We assist in comparing pros and cons, addressing concerns, and facilitating communication between the family and the selected communities or care homes.


Seamless Transition

Once a decision is made, we provide support in coordinating the logistics of the move, working closely with the family, community, and any necessary professionals. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and comfortable transition for their loved one.


Post-Placement Follow-up

Our commitment extends beyond placement. We conduct post-placement follow-ups to ensure the family's satisfaction and address any additional needs or concerns. We strive to foster an ongoing relationship built on trust and support.

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Compassionate Care Continues

The Assisted Living Specialist remains a trusted resource for the family, providing ongoing support, information, and resources as needed. We are dedicated to maintaining a caring and responsive partnership throughout their assisted living journey.

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